I wonder why so many people are running for President this year.  I know that there are always many candidates before the caucuses/primaries get into full swing, but this year it seems that the number exceeds any previous election.  I am curious as to what is prompting the multitudes to throw their name into the hat. The campaign circuit has become a Tower of Babel with so many voices drowning out any meaningful dialogue.

I think of all the time and money that is being spent on these preliminary campaigns.  We could probably make a dent in the national debt if all the funds from the candidates and PACs were directed to the Treasury instead of to the media, pollsters and political infrastructure.  All but two of these people are spending millions of dollars and thousands of hours in a losing effort.

It is 2015.  Do the early candidates really need to stump around Iowa in person, attending the State Fair and posing for photos?  Does this popularity pitch really serve us well when determining who should next lead our great nation?  

It is hard to pin someone down because the problems the president faces don’t have sound bit solutions.  Even a debate doesn’t lend itself to meaningful discussion when 10 candidates are vying for their minute with a live microphone. I wish there were ways we could engage the candidates in an extended forum to see how they would truly approach the job when they weren’t angling for it.

If the candidates were trying to be the one to run your company, would you want more substance from them?  Would you do more research and pay more attention to their take on meaningful issues?

Don’t forget that this person isn’t going to lead your company, but they are going to lead your country.  Work hard to get past the hype before you make your choice.

— beth triplett



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