One of the practices in my personal life is to Never Tell a Waitress “Give us a Minute.”  

What happens when you aren’t ready to order so send her away?  Inevitably she gets out of her routine and forgets to come back to you until an extended period has passed.  She has a method for handling her new customers and servicing those already seated, and “give us a minute” throws off that rhythm.  Not that it should be that way; it’s just my experience that it is.  So instead of being aggravated by the delay, I align my expectations with reality and either order quickly or plan to wait.

Do you have some personal habits that you have developed as a way to mitigate the aggravation and stress in your life?  Are there things that “always drive you crazy” but you continue to put yourself in that situation without making adjustments?  If getting behind school buses is a trigger for you, perhaps you should leave earlier/later.  If you never can figure out what to wear, maybe you could plan out outfits for the week or have a fashion-forward friend provide you a month’s worth of choices. If the barrage of emails from political candidates or certain stores irritates you, take the minute to unsubscribe.

You can fret or you can develop your own workarounds that become part of your routine.  Life has enough unexpected bumps without going over the same ones repeatedly.

— beth triplett

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