A former supervisor of mine served on a panel regarding presidential transitions.  The portion that he covered: transitioning out.  

“Do not have your identity inextricably linked to your position or to the institution,” he wisely said.  “It is really important to have an identity separate to that.”

Keith Lovin was in the presidential role when he made his comments, but I think they apply to everyone.  If you are only what your job is, it makes it harder to have a balanced life.  It also makes it more difficult to have a rational view of how you are doing and to know when it is time to leave if so much of you is wrapped up in your job.

No matter what your position, I think it is good advice to cultivate a rich life outside of it.  Have hobbies or volunteer roles that expose you to a different set of people and pleasures beyond your work life.  Remember that you are wonderful even when your job isn’t going so well, and that you are fallible even when the work is clicking along smoothly.

Your position can be a major portion of how you see yourself and how you spend your time.  Just don’t let it be the only view you have when you look in the mirror.

— beth triplett

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