Around here, the first day of Fincels’ sweet corn is like a holiday.  The corn is grown fresh, and, as I have written about before*, once you have tasted picked-today sweet corn, you look with disdain on any other kind.

But unlike holidays that appear on the calendar on a set date, the first day of corn season has fickle timing, dependent upon the whims of Mother Nature.  This uncertainty only serves to heighten the anticipation and ‘sweeten’ the demand.

I am sure the fine folks at Fincels tire of answering the question: “When will the corn be ready?” so they have devised an ingenious way of letting customers determine that for themselves.  From the first day at Farmers’ Market they display corn in a pot:

People can see for themselves that the corn is nowhere near ready in May, or June, or even by Fourth of July.  (Today is the anticipated day, and sweet corn sales began this morning.) 

Think about how you can take a lesson from the farmers and devise a clever way to answer the often-asked questions your customers have.  Can you share the evolving progress of a project of great interest to others or find a way to help people understand the length of time it takes for something to be completed?  There are much more creative ways than a thermometer to keep people apprised of the information they want to know.

— beth triplett

*see Blog #25, June 26, 2012

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