For many people, getting the mail out of their box is nothing special.  Usually it is filled with advertisements, bills, credit card offers, solicitations for donations and not much more.

But what if you opened your mailbox to find a coconut?!  Or a sombrero?  Or a pillow?  Or a lime?

You may think it’s crazy, but these are among the many things that the U.S. Post Office will mail without additional packaging.  For more ideas, click here:

If you’re like me, I suspect that you never even considered taking a piñata to the USPS without first putting it in a box.  

We impose our own restrictions, far beyond what is necessary.  Push your thinking and don’t hide your next idea in a metaphorical (or real!) envelope.

— beth triplett

Source:  21 Things You’d Be Surprised You Can Actually Mail by Michelle Porucznik,, April 6, 2014

Thanks to Gayle for the reference

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