I recently spend some unanticipated time at O’Hare.  Most people who found themselves delayed spent the time “waiting.”  A few were reading books or newspapers, but most people frivoled away the hour(s) without doing anything productive.

Not this woman.  She travels with her very own spindle and spent the time turning dyed sheep’s wool into usable yarn.  Given the amount of time we were at the gate, she was able to produce almost a full skein of yarn that she would later use for knitting.

But more than being productive, she was content; even happy about the “extra” time to practice her craft.

What hobby can you develop that is portable and allows you to take advantage of waiting time?  It may not be as elaborate as carrying around your own weaving loom, but I hope there is something out there that brings you as much satisfaction the next time you find yourself in a queue.

— beth triplett

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