Last week, my electric toothbrush died.  One minute my molars were getting polished, and the next minute the rotations puttered to nothing.

When I went to the store to purchase a new one, I discovered that there were lots of choices, and that except for the price tag, they all looked alike on the shelf.  So I went home, did some research, found one to purchase, brought it home and plugged it in.

Nothing.  It was as dead as the original.

It turns out that the problem was the outlet, not the toothbrush itself.  It’s the only thing on that circuit, so I did not know until the battery wore down. Lots of time wasted on solving the wrong problem.  

The next time you have a dilemma, even if it is one that seemingly has a simple solution, take a minute to assess the situation.  For the time it takes to brush your teeth, you could save yourself lots of aggravation.

— beth triplett

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