Yesterday I wrote about geocaching and yet one more amazing use of your smartphone.  Thousands of people are participating in the adventure, on the hunt for one of the 2,627,748 geocaches hidden around the world.

Once you start paying attention, a whole new world opens up to you. You see places (crevices, inlets, hiding spots) that you never noticed before.  You learn the history of old buildings and landmarks.  You explore different neighborhoods and parts of the city you may not have seen previously.  

It all feels new, only all these places existed before you paid attention to them.  You may have even walked by many spots, but just “never noticed.”

The same is true in our organizations.  I’ll bet that you walk by buildings and people without  minding them, and on your routine path you take things for granted or don’t see them at all.

Whether you go geocaching or not, try to see your world with new eyes as if you were hunting.  There really is treasure to be found, much of it compliments of Mother Nature instead of another geocacher, if only you focus in on what is around you.

— beth triplett

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