Have you ever noticed that the more expensive the hotel, the fewer amenities they offer for free?

I recently was at a luxury hotel, where my $200+/night got me a room and shower.  Internet was extra.  Parking was exorbitant.  Breakfast was in the restaurant at the regular rate.

Contrast that to a mid-range hotel at half the cost — that offered free parking, a complimentary shuttle to and from the airport, a full hot breakfast in the morning, happy hour in the afternoon and internet access without charge.

Do the high end hotels believe their clientele can afford to pay for the amenities so they charge for them?  Or do the lower range hotels feel they have to provide the services to compete?  Are people who are willing to pay extra for the prestige and luxury also accustomed to paying a la carte for extras or it is worth it for the brand?

I am not sure of the rationale, but it is an interesting paradox to me.  Do you want to be the one who charges less and offers more or the one who charges more and believes they are worth it?

Either is right.  What is wrong is falling into that position instead of intentionally claiming it.

— beth triplett


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