I went to a wine superstore when I was in Minneapolis and it was all but overwhelming.  There were aisles of each type of wine, making it almost impossible to make a rational choice.  Even if you were “into” wine, it would be hard to know about all of the options in a full aisle of Merlot.

So how did my sister make her buying decisions:
> Some were repeat choices that had served her well in the past
> One she bought because the bottle was square and stood out
> Others were purchased because the label was appealing and “sounded good”
> And other became the default because they fit into a desired price range — not too expensive, but not too cheap either

I think about the hundreds of other decisions that we make that have emotional or unscientific basis for the choice.  It highlights for me the growing importance of design in our world — a way for products or services to stand out among the myriad of choice that we face.

You can spend a lot of time developing a great product, but unless you also devote attention to marketing it, your initial work may be for naught.  Don’t just think about offering a great service; spend time planning how you will design the story that goes with it.

— beth triplett

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