I recently watched a speech on “Transforming Education” by Will Richardson.  He spoke of how drastically the entire learning environment has been impacted by the abundance of technology and cited these examples:

> 5 billion app downloads
> 2.5 billion people
> 2 trillion webpages
> 5 years of YouTube video per minute
> 1 billion photos uploaded each day in 2014 (estimated)
> 5 years of all IP video per second
> 100,000 Tweets per minute
> 12 billion Internet connected devices by 2015 (remember: for 2.5 billion people)

Because of this, he believes that schools need to become “different, not better” because better does not acknowledge the monumental shift in the way children access and process information.

He makes compelling argument in his 20 minutes, and no matter your field, I would encourage you to face his sobering perspective at: http://youtu.be/7TZfWqao6uA

How is your organization acknowledging the seismic shift and the instantaneous availability of vast sums of knowledge?  What are you personally doing to capitalize on the multitude of ways to connect and learn from strangers?  Are you creating a presence in this new reality?

The content in digits and bytes can quickly become overwhelming.  Spend some time thinking about how you, and how you can help others, make meaning out of the abundance.

— beth triplett

Thanks to Mike for sharing.

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