I wonder how “they” came up with the formula to determine the number of handicapped parking spaces that are required in a lot.  In my able-bodied experience, it seems to be a bit excessive.

I recently was trying to park and the front half of the lot was full, except for the aisle of reserved spaces.  That was empty.  

I am in full support of designated spots for those who need them.  This, of course, would include handicapped people, but it seems that there are more spots than are utilized.  In other words, I never see the spots full.

Instead of changing the formula, can’t we expand the use of the reserved spots?  We could allow expectant mothers to have a permit, and it could be valid for several months beyond birth to allow parents with a baby in tow to park close to the entrance.  Those who have difficulty walking or navigating in/out of vehicles could get a pass.  A doctor could give a one-day pass to an ill patient who needs to run into to the pharmacy, and so on…

There are many things in life that follow the “use ’em or lose ’em” philosophy.  I think the handicapped parking formula should be one of them.

— beth triplett

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