I have written before about the “heavenly beds” at Westin and the wanna-be’s that they inspired in other hotel chains.  I was recently at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis, and they, too, are in the game of let’s-make-a-statement-with-our-bed.  

Instead of a short stack of pillows, or decorative pillows that don’t get washed after every guest, the Hyatt piles five plump pillows on each bed.  Five pillows, in five pillowcases, that were washed every night even though I only touched four of them to remove them in an attempt to create some sleeping room.

If everyone is like me, that’s four pillowcases x 645 rooms x 365 nights = 941,700 — or about a million pillowcases washed just for show.  Each year.

I was delighted that their wastebaskets had dual trash/recycling partitions, but it seemed a bit incongruous to worry about the environment on one hand while disregarding it on another.

Are there things you are doing that cancel out the value of something good as is happening at the Hyatt?  Have you considered the downside and on-going costs of your strategies?  Something may look good at face value, but you could be washing a lot of money down the drain.

— beth triplett

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