I often ask myself: “Who comes up with this stuff?” when I see a new product in a store, a new recipe with less-than-conventional combinations or a variation on something that has been around for decades.  I wonder how people come up with these inventions, and how they find their way to market after that.  

One company, Quirky, is attempting to make the process easier.  They are selling “products invented by real people like you,” and by the looks of their display, they are doing it well.

Quirky has an unusual assortment of items you can live without (because you have), but that may be intriguing enough to give them a try.  Samples include:
> Pluck, an easy egg yolk/white separator
> Tether, a stemware stabilizer that keeps glasses from clinking together in the dishwasher
> Bandits, elastic bands with hooks — which loop over things to keep them together
> Round power strips instead of straight ones
> One arm scissors to make it easy to open packages

The thing that struck me about these items is that they aren’t lofty at all; they are every day items that someone tinkered with to make better.  

What is out there that you can tweak to improve it?  A product or a process that you could make a little differently but enhance it?  Two ideas or products that you could put together to make something new?

Take the quirky message to heart and invent something to make your world just one little bit better.

— beth triplett

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