For Valentine’s Day today, many will receive love letters from family and friends.  Milk Bone took this idea a bit too far, and provided doggy valentines with the purchase of a box of treats.

I am not sure whether these are to be sent by you to other dog lovers or pretend to be from your pooch to show her devotion to you.  Last time I checked, my dogs weren’t too good with the correspondence, so I guess they are for me to send to someone…someone who would appreciate the sentiment:  “Love is a fur letter word” or “I Woof You”.

It seems that anthropomorphism continues to intensify each year.  We live in a world where pets truly are part of the family, and as such are now included in holiday celebrations.

Is there a way for you to capitalize on this mania?  If pets are so dear, can they help you promote a service or lead people to a cause?  Could there be a campaign with a dog holding a leash in their mouth, encouraging owners to be “heart healthy” by walking them? Or stress free by snuggling with them?  Or service-oriented by taking them to nursing homes or libraries?  

Instead of sending valentines, use people’s love of pets to help them show the love to others.

— beth triplett

About the Author leadership dots by dr. beth triplett

Dr. beth triplett is the owner of leadership dots, offering coaching, training and consulting for new supervisors. She also shares daily lessons on her leadershipdots blog. Her work is based on the leadership dots philosophy that change happens through the intentional connecting of small steps in the short term to the big picture in the long term.

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