For Valentine’s Day today, many will receive love letters from family and friends.  Milk Bone took this idea a bit too far, and provided doggy valentines with the purchase of a box of treats.

I am not sure whether these are to be sent by you to other dog lovers or pretend to be from your pooch to show her devotion to you.  Last time I checked, my dogs weren’t too good with the correspondence, so I guess they are for me to send to someone…someone who would appreciate the sentiment:  “Love is a fur letter word” or “I Woof You”.

It seems that anthropomorphism continues to intensify each year.  We live in a world where pets truly are part of the family, and as such are now included in holiday celebrations.

Is there a way for you to capitalize on this mania?  If pets are so dear, can they help you promote a service or lead people to a cause?  Could there be a campaign with a dog holding a leash in their mouth, encouraging owners to be “heart healthy” by walking them? Or stress free by snuggling with them?  Or service-oriented by taking them to nursing homes or libraries?  

Instead of sending valentines, use people’s love of pets to help them show the love to others.

— beth triplett

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