My favorite pizza in town comes from a local shop that runs a little storefront operation.  Jeremy and Cody run the place — we know each other by name and they know my preferences for pizza.  When I come in for slices, they will tell me if my favorite is in the oven.  They know my delivery order by heart.  I brought them cookies for Christmas.  They are just the kind of business that you want to see succeed.

So it made me sad to learn that due to Mother Nature’s rath, they had to close yesterday.  On Super Bowl Sunday, the biggest pizza holiday of the year.  You know it’s bad if the local pizza place closes down during the big game.

I think of all the supplies they must have ordered.  All the tips that won’t be earned.  The business that won’t be generated.

But then I think of Jeremy and Cody actually able to watch the Super Bowl game!  I’ll bet they have never been at home, sitting on the couch, enjoying a brew and chips during the show.  I hope they were able to do so yesterday.

There are times when things most definitely don’t go according to plan.  When there is nothing you can do about it, sometimes the best thing is to do nothing and actually enjoy the opportunities that the change in plans bring.  

— beth triplett

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