Last weekend, I saw The Imitation Game, a wonderful movie about breaking Germany’s Enigma Code in World War II.  In the movie, Alan Turing (Benedict Chamberlain) laments that all the information they need to end the war is out there, just floating around, if only they could decipher it.

It reminded me of an observation my sister and I had as we were driving along on one of our many road trips.  We thought about all the information that was whizzing past us: radio signals, wireless bandwidth, data, radar, etc.  We were able to receive it and translate some of it via the instruments we had in the car, but certainly there was far more out there.

What exists in your organization that is there, but can’t be seen without intentionality?  Your culture goes unnoticed unless you specifically pay attention or ask questions about it.  The communication hierarchy is in the air space, but often undefined.  Ill will, morale issues and resentment often float by without detection for long periods.  

Try to crack the code of what is really going on in your organization.  Like with Turing, it may take many attempts at doing so, but the end result will be worth it.

— beth triplett

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