Popcorn is one of my very favorite foods.  I have written before about the awesome kernels they sell at our local independent movie theatre and how I have been unable to replicate the taste at home.

That is, until now!

Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I bought a Whirley Pop popcorn pan.  This could turn out to be a very BAD thing — as the popcorn is very good.  As in VERY GOOD.  I may have to restrain myself from eating a whole pot every day, something that is difficult when the house is full of the delicious scent.

Their brochure reads: “Remember when the appeal of homemade popcorn was as much about the cooking experience as it was about the fluffy, crispy, tasty snack?”  I had forgotten how much better popcorn tastes out of a pan vs. from the microwave.

Is there something that you can do to let your customers participate in the creation of your product vs. just giving it to them in a sterile way?  Can they utilize all of their senses in a manner that adds to the enjoyment vs. always taking the quick and easy path?  Is there a way you can deliver your product that will enhance the experience?

I think the Whirley Pop has done a good job of making their product be part utensil, part event-maker.  If they can do that with a pan, surely you can create something that pops in your organization.

— beth triplett

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