Hangars from the dry cleaners used to come with paper liners, often advertising the name of the cleaning establishment.  It was a way for the cleaners to show their brand (or appreciation for their customers) as well as to add stability to the hanging garment.  

I use quite a bit of these services, so have accumulated many hangars throughout the years.  I still have some from the cleaners I used in the previous cities where I lived, and when I take a blouse off of them it brings back memories of my time in that town.

A few months ago, I noticed that the paper liner was no longer included.  I would guess it was in an effort to save money or to be environmentally conscious, but the hangars seemed more flimsy without them.  My cleaners switched from liners to a paper tube, but this week they went even more low-budget and now only have half of a cardboard “tent” over the bottom rung.  It is all but worthless.

Have you made similar cost-cutting measures that saved you money but also cheapened your brand?  Think about the image you project before you lose the liner.  The pennies you pinch that directly impact the customer may not be the best ones to save. 

— beth triplett

With special fondness for MM and West Oak Cleaners!

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