Yesterday I wrote about one city and its recent almost-all-ban on sledding.  This town shares a western border with another city, governed by the same state laws that leave them unprotected.

Instead of implementing a ban or restrictions on sledding, they have chosen another path.  This year, as in previous years, the city will sponsor a sledding day, complete with hot chocolate and cookies.

It is an interesting observation that two organizations, faced with the same external factors, have chosen different directions for action.  One prohibits the exact same activity that a neighboring city embraces.  One council wants to protect the city from liability while another council believes that a regulation doesn’t really serve as protection anyway.

It is like this with many lesser issues, but happens in situations large and small.  One person (or organization) has a perfectly rational view — that is polar opposite from another individual with the same data.

Keep the sledding question in mind the next time you are facing a conflict.  Just because you believe something is right for you, doesn’t make it right for all. 

— beth triplett

Another great observation from Amy!

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