A local car dealer advertised that they are having a “garage sale” every weekend in January.  But instead of selling used trinkets and treasures, what they mean is that they are putting 20 new cars inside their “warm! dry!” garage/service area so that customers can shop inside.  Better yet, if you find a used car listed in their online site, you can call ahead and they’ll bring that car inside for you too.

I love examples like this where people are doing something to provide good service just by seeing things differently.  Every car dealer has a garage, and potential customers who don’t want to brave the elements to shop, but this dealer paired a need and an existing resource to come up with this promotional tactic.  I hope it works out well for them.

Is there something your potential clients would like — ideally that you have already and could offer for free — if you packaged it differently or let them know about it?  Think about what is holding people back and see if you can’t find a way to overcome that challenge, and turn your empty garage into an advantage.

— beth triplett

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