Need more evidence that pets are being considered as a member of the family?  Now Target is selling pet-specific medication through their pharmacy, and even offering rewards credit for each prescription.  I guess they decided to capitalize on the lucrative pet meds market, all under the guise of convenience and service.

It makes good business sense.  Many pets take monthly medication; people pay full price for it; there are no insurance hassles, and a lot of households have more than one pet who needs doctor-ordered scripts.  They have an existing infrastructure to dispense drugs; why not make the most of the labor-intensive aspect of their business?

Is there a way for you to expand the offerings of your organization as Target did with their pet pharmacy?  Think of an existing service you offer that could be adapted to service the needs of another constituent group.  Newspaper delivery to include mail delivery every morning before you rise?  Hair salons to include pet grooming so you and your pet can be coiffed simultaneously and save two trips?  Lawyers, accountants and estate planners all in the same suite so you could make one appointment to handle your affairs?

Think about the investment you have made in your core infrastructure and challenge yourself to identify who else would find that valuable.  Maybe the new year holds new partnership opportunities for you.

— beth triplett

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