We all know that different cultures celebrate the holidays in different ways.  It turns out that different generations have their own ways of commemorating as well.

A fun music video shares the song: Text Me Merry Christmas.  I am surprised that it took so long for contemporary lingo to make its way into the yuletide carols.  Think of all the possibilities that exist:  Snapchat Santa, Hashtag Hanukkah, FaLaLaLa Facebook, etc.  There is a whole new genre waiting to be developed!

Keep your whole audience in mind when communicating your message. Using language that parallels the spoken word is one way to enhance the chance of connection with a different demographic.

Consider who you are trying to reach with your messages.  If you’re talking to younger people, maybe there is a way you can update some traditions to become more responsive to modern culture.

— beth triplett

Thanks to Tracy for sharing the video.

To watch Text Me Merry Christmas:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmhfdQlOiy0

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