A quote attributed to St. Francis says:
“Always preach the gospel.  Use words when necessary.”

Whether in a religious context or outside of it, I think it is a good reminder that your actions and your intentions need to align with what you say is important.

If you value customer service, you need to go out of your way to escort someone to the other end of the building, not just talk about service in workshops.

To create an organization that continually improves and admits shortcomings, you need to own up to your slips and errors.  I think of players that tap their chest with a “my bad” when they miss a play.

To reiterate the importance of cost-saving, you need to return the cans for the pesky 5 cent deposit rather than taking the easy road and throwing them in the recycle bin.

People are always watching you.  Try to have your actions send the message you wish to send.

— beth triplett

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