It is Monday morning and typical office banter is likely to include the question “What did you do this weekend?”.  

Note how the emphasis is on the “do” part of the question.  How would you respond if someone said: “Not one darn thing.  I stayed on the couch all weekend and stared into space.”?  We expect that people did something; that they were productive or at least active in their entertainment choices.

The same occurs for vacations. “Where are you going?” is the first question that is asked, and if the reply is that the person is staying at home, it is often followed by a disclaimer: “I need to paint the garage.”

It seems that we are not comfortable with true, unabashed leisure without making it into a conversation-worthy experience or turning it into a productive accomplishment.  

For your mental health and sanity, try to regularly have time where you do nothing of note.  Make it your goal this week that when you’re asked next Monday: “How was your weekend?” you can honestly answer “delightfully boring.”  Even God knew when it was time to rest.

— beth triplett

Thanks to Emily for the observation

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