I wrote last week* about the decline in jeans and the growth in more casual “athleisure” wear.  I wonder if this phenomenon was what drove the Men’s Warehouse folks to include black dress socks with men’s tuxedo rentals.

Do the socks of groomsmen and ushers really need to match?  It seems like an unnecessary expense to include socks (that you can keep!) with a rental outfit.

Or perhaps the fashionistas (or brides) were worried that their men would not have (or wear?) black socks on this formal occasion.

In any case, now in with the cuff links and cumberbuns comes a pair of conservative knit ankle-highs. 

The expectations for a complete, no-thinking-involved package continue to grow.  Do you need to follow the trend and include something obvious with your offerings?  

— beth triplett

*Dot #842 September 21, 2014

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