A recent advertisement for Ann Taylor (women’s clothes) proclaimed:  “Never underestimate the power of the third piece.”

The purpose of the ad was to promote the purchase of a jacket or sweater, showing that it made the outfit look much more professional and polished than just a blouse and skirt or pants.  They were right.

The “third piece” can be a descriptor for many things that add the extra finishing touch:
> a clear plastic cover to make an ordinary report and its cover seem more special
> an embellishment on a package in addition to the bow
> a garnish flower on the plate with the meat and potatoes
> a tie that pulls together a man’s outfit
> a cherry on top of the whip cream on the sundae

Think about the power of three as you get dressed tomorrow or do your work today.  That third piece may be the tipping point to move you from ordinary to extraordinary.

— beth triplett

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