I wonder who came up with the idea to add the technology to phone cameras that would allow people to take “selfies”?  Think about it — for generations the only way to take a picture of yourself was to set the timer and run.  I wonder why someone thought the option would be popular.

But now selfies have become as prevalent as almost all non-selfie photography out there.  An exhibit at an area art gallery displays 100 phones with different selfie images.  Artist Paul McCormick* “mingles digital and physical self-representation” by showing people the images that were taken with the intent to be shared. 

How can you use the metaphor of a selfie to take a look on the inside instead of just a picture of how you appear?  Is there a way for you to take time to reflect on your inner dreams and intentions?  If you could see what thoughts are inside of you, would you like the selfie that reflects back?  Do you want to post what is there for the world to see or would you rather hit delete?  

People spend a lot of time taking pictures of their external view.  As you drive home from work tonight, turn off the radio and take a mental selfie. You don’t need a phone or a camera to see what is in your head and heart.  

— beth triplett

*See http://www.pauljmccormick.com

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