One final thought from the Tory Johnson webinar.  I did not tack this on the end of yesterday’s blog because I did not want it to get lost.

Read this slowly and let it soak in:
“We over-estimate what we can do in a short period of time, and we under-estimate what we can do in the long haul.”

How true that is.  People start things and give up because they don’t see progress right away.  But if we stick with something for an extended period, we can make a difference.  “Time flies,” she said. “Tiny things lead to big results and you really can make dramatic progress in a year.”  She called it “time logic”, but I think it’s really “time illogic”, in that we think things need to happen quickly.  

Examples:  eating healthy every day may not show instant weight loss, but over time the pounds will come off.  Same for regular exercise or strength training.  Taking one art class may not make us Picasso, but over time our technique will improve.  One course plus another plus another will lead to a degree.  Saving something each week will create a nest egg.  Writing every day will lead to a book.  Making calls will result in sales.

Think of a big goal that has been too daunting for you to tackle. TODAY, start on the path to achieve it.  We all know how quickly the days and weeks and months seem to pass.  Don’t underestimate how the little steps you take can add up at the end of a period.

— beth triplett

The Shift: How I finally lost weight and discovered a happier life by Tory Johnson

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