A few more thoughts from the Tory Johnson webinar I referenced yesterday.  

Tory shared five steps that she believes will help you achieve any of your goals because they “shift” your thinking (which is conveniently the title of her recent book)

1.  If you have tried and failed, spend the time to dig deep to understand “why this next attempt must be different”.  She advocates outlining in brutal black and white why you are too fed up to accept the way things are.

2.  Ask yourself what you are willing to give up. Tory believes that you have to get uncomfortable to get where you want to go.

3.  Develop a specific plan that outlines the three key things you must do to get the outcome you desire.  Her plan to (successfully) lose 60 pounds:  “Eat less, choose smarter, move more.”  Repeat it over and over when faced with choices that make you uncomfortable (see #2!).

4.  Determine your DAILY accountability.  If you see daily progress, it will be a motivator to continue.  (There is a reason I number these blogs!!)

5.  Embrace patience and celebrate victories.  “There is no potion that trumps patience and perseverance and we can control these,” she said. 

What big goal do you have that could benefit from a shift in thinking?  Perhaps employing Tory Johnson’s methods will make you uncomfortable enough to become successful.

— beth triplett

The Shift: How I finally lost weight and discovered a happier life by Tory Johnson

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