I received a post on LinkedIn that described qualities of people the author most enjoyed as colleagues.  I liked his Venn diagram a lot:

When I saw it, I immediately thought of the Strategic Planning Committee of 2011-2012 — my group of compadres that was responsible for the development of our new plan.  That group put in a crazy amount of hours — including a Friday 3pm-4:30pm weekly meeting — but I had more fun with them than any other committee here.

I guess I have higher expectations that Jeff Weiner, because if I was drawing the circles I would have four.  In addition to dreaming big, getting shit done, knowing how to have fun, I would add: open to learning.  I want to work with colleagues that instinctively evaluate programs after they occur and who are continually trying to make things better.  I like people who not only “dream big” but “think small” and work to continuously improve the details.  

Think about your circles and how colleagues would draw them if describing you.  Do you have overlap and a good balance of dreaming and doing?  Are your contributions proportionate in the three or four areas?  Work to become the person others want on their team.

— beth triplett

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