Today is our first day of classes.  Our students are set to fill their brains with many lessons; in my mind the most important thing they can learn is time management.

Time is the great equalizer.  President Obama may have more power than you do, but he has exactly the same amount of time.  Warren Buffet may be richer, but he, too, has the same 168 hours week as you.  LeBron James may have more talent, but no more time than a kindergartener or homeless person.

How you use your time will set you apart — in good ways and bad.  Too much frivolity and leisure will leave your career wanting; too much work will leave you stressed.  A lot of time in one area can make you proficient, but too much focus can make you sheltered.  Too much time on planning can preclude action; too little time on it can result in chaos.  Time is our most precious resource to balance.

As you start a new school year, or just begin a new week, first think about how you use those seconds.

— beth triplett

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