Oftentimes we are so convinced that our point of view is the right one, if not the only one,  that we don’t pause to consider that our perception reality may be way off base.

Such was the case when I first saw the picture above of the beautiful parrot…

then I learned that it isn’t a bird at all, rather a woman who is covered in body paint.  (If you have trouble seeing her, start with the blue tail/her foot and work your way up to the white face and eye).

Just like that famous drawing of the old woman/young woman from psychology class, once you see both views, you have no trouble seeing them again, but when you first view it only one image comes into focus.

The next time you are in a discussion or debate and you can’t imagine how the other person holds the viewpoint they do, think about the painted woman above.  Remember that while their argument may ruffle your feathers, to them it is just a different color of paint.

— beth triplett

Thanks to Curt for sharing!

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