Today is National Lemonade Day.  It’s a day that is especially meaningful for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation — a charity that was established to help fight childhood cancer.

Alex Scott passed away at age 8, but before she did, she infused her positive attitude into everyone’s life.  She took to heart the motto “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, and thus the lemonade stand idea was born. In her life, she raised a million dollars through her lemonade stand. The foundation has continued and now raised $80 million more.

Can you take lessons from Alex?  If a kid with cancer can have such an outlook, can’t you adopt it too — even just for today?  If someone who is so sick can muster the energy to start a lemonade stand project, can’t you find the time to do a good deed today?

Ignore those minor petty differences and look at things in a more holistic perspective.  Don’t use time as an excuse.  Chances are that your life is pretty good.  For today, act like it is.

— beth triplett

To learn more about Alex’s Lemonade Stand or how Red Robin is supporting the Foundation today:

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