My blog from yesterday elicited a host of comments from friends who were seemingly more excited about my new car than I was.  For me, it was a functional purchase.  I would have purchased a new version of the same model had it still been in production — because I liked it, but mostly to avoid car shopping!  Apparently others feel differently!

My friend who went to the dealership with me when I bought my last car 9 years ago reminded me about the experience.  The car I had previous to that came with a manual transmission, and I set out to get a stick shift again.  In fact, I really wanted a stick and only reluctantly ended up with an automatic in my car.  They mollified me with a “sequential sport shift” that allowed me to manually shift when the situation warranted. It was marketed as “the best of both worlds” and I fell for it. I think I used it once.

I did not think twice about getting an automatic with this purchase.  I have grown accustomed to the convenience and it now seems totally natural as to how it should be.  I didn’t even remember that I once wanted a manual until I was reminded.

What is the equivalent to a manual transmission in your world?  Is there something out there that you are reluctant to give up or change — but you haven’t really considered the alternative?  I think about software upgrades that I put off, but then can’t imagine what it was like before I had the enhanced features.  Or our receptionist’s beloved typewriter that I forced her to replace with a label machine that she now adores.  Or was there a time when a new hire seemed so slow but whose thinking revolutionized a process that you now take for granted?  

Maybe it’s time for you to shift your perspective and be open to new options.

— beth triplett

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