Inside the Alabama State Capitol are beautiful walls that appear to be painted in between crown moulding.  The colors just pop off the walls and they certainly appear to be three-dimensional.  I hope you can see them here:


In reality, the walls and ceilings are nothing but one-dimensional paint.  Regular paint, just like you and I would use, only in the hands of a master muralist who made the decor come to life.  The whole interior is an illusion.

I wonder about the city of Montgomery itself, and whether or not civil rights and racial equality are an illusion too.  Taped into the window of an abandoned downtown business was this sign:

How long has that sign been there — and does it represent the sentiment of today?  Has racial tolerance been replaced with bias against another group of people or is this closed-minded behavior what caused the business to close in the first place?  Maybe it is a reminder from a long ago time, but the city officials trying to revitalize the area would be well served to take it down promptly.

Does a cue from one area of your organization send mixed signals from what you are trying to achieve in another area?  Are you guilty of painting the walls to appear 3-D when in reality your commitment is only surface deep?  We are always looking for clues for what is authentic and real.  Look to the little signs to see how your true message is coming across.

— beth triplett

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