Yesterday I wrote about the pitiful state of downtown Montgomery.  Apparently a group of investors can see beyond that and has formed the Montgomery Market District in an attempt to bring commercial, retail and residential vibrancy back to the central city.

They have just started their work and are in the initial stages of encouraging brave tenants to join them.  A new sidewalk and beautification program is underway:

And they have an incredibly clever advertising firm with signs and billboards such as:
> Visit
> Turning the lights back on
> Bad time to be a cobweb!
> On your Market, get set…
> Teach an old building new tricks

But Montgomery will need more than catchy slogans to motivate people to dream this big. They need strong leaders with a compelling story before many will invest here:

The work of the Montgomery Market District is possible, perhaps backed by believers and funders in the RSA.  It will take a decade to truly transform the city, but people are actively starting that task today.  

How are you as a leader helping your people see what their organization could be like for the next generation instead of just for the next quarter?

— beth triplett


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