Just to the edge of the snow white beaches of Destin, Florida was a roped off area protecting beach dunes.  

The signs read:
Intact dunes protect us from storms, keep our beaches healthy and provide habitat for rare wildlife.  Although dune plants tolerate harsh beach conditions, they can’t withstand the pounding of feet.

Are there parts of your organization that are like the beach grasses — able to withstand one type of difficulty but unable to bear another?  Maybe your staff can put up with long hours and travel, but not confusing reimbursement practices.  Perhaps they can handle unhappy customers but are unsettled when confronted by unhappy colleagues.  Or maybe the staff can thrive amidst budget cuts but becomes deflated when professional development is impacted.

Try to be like the park service and know where the limits are.  It’s not always the harshest conditions that cause people to break, rather the smaller transgressions that trample.  Take care to rope off the appropriate areas to help in your organizational restoration.

— beth triplett

Happy 2 year Anniversary of the Dots!!

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