While in Montgomery, Alabama we went to the minor league baseball game.  The team name:  the Biscuits.  We asked about the rationale behind such an unusual moniker, and the ticket seller said that it was what the people voted for.  No biscuit factory in town; no baking legacy in the city, just a hats off to a Southern food favorite.  

[What if all teams took part in identifying with indigenous delicacies?  The Chicago Hot Dogs.  The Boston Lobsters.  The New Orleans Beignets.  The  Philadelphia Cheese Steaks.  It could start a whole new trend.]

My favorite part of their branding wasn’t the two-dimensional icon (a biscuit) or their costumed mascot (Mo the Anteater), rather the live pig that was led around the stadium on a leash.  

Her name: Miss Gravy.  (As in biscuits and gravy, of course!)  Can they have any more fun with this?

The next time you need to name something or come up with a theme, think about the Montgomery Biscuits.  Don’t take yourself so seriously!  They are merchandising marvels and proof that if you add a little humor, you can make anything work.  

— beth triplett

The Biscuit print identity
Big Mo the Mascot

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