Seems that my Inbox has been overflowing lately, so I am working to unsubscribe to mailings in the hopes of cutting down on volume.  A colleague of mine is doing the same.  

But instead of the blah, generic “we’re sorry to see you go” auto-announcement when she unsubscribed to Formstack, she received an email with a video of the Lion King’s Pumbaa and Timon crying to see her go.  And should she be swayed into staying because of the cute farewell, they also subtly ask: “How about a second chance?” and give her easy links to reconnect.  It is brilliant.

I have never heard of Formstack, but I am ready to sign up just so I can leave them!  

All of our organizations can take a lesson from Formstack on how to end a customer relationship gracefully.  It may be your last opportunity to make a positive impression on this client; don’t waste it with a canned reply that looks like every other “unsubscribe” message.  You never know when your departing customer may need you again or be asked for a referral.  Best to have a “wow” as their last memory of you.

— beth triplett

Thank you to Amy for making today’s blog easy to write!

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