In October*, I wondered when Halloween became a reason for outside decorations.  Six months later, I am puzzled at how Easter became elevated to a similar status.  Until a few years ago, nobody I knew decorated for Easter, but today it has become big business.

The National Retail Federation estimated that Americans will spend $1.1 billion on Easter decorations this year.  That is half as much as all the candy purchased for Easter baskets!

Decorating doesn’t mean just a single flag either; some households have really taken time to let the rabbit know he is welcome:

What can your organization take away from the proliferation of holiday decorating?  Is there a way you can capitalize on consumer’s desire to connect to others through themes or shared celebrations?  Can you offer a promotion, donation opportunity or other tie-in that corresponds with the next “big” holiday?  Or can you create your own day for your organization’s friends to commemorate?  

Whether on rabbits or goblins, Americans are parting with their cash in massive amounts to decorate.  Think of how some of that spending can be diverted to aid you in achieving your goals.

— beth triplett

*Blogs #512, #512a  October 26, 2013

Source:  American Easter spending down this year by Tom Wharton for The Salt Lake Tribune, April 9, 2014 10:12pm

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