Our new volleyball coach was quoted in an article about the new system of play that he has instituted for the men on his team.  “We talk a lot about how discipline is freedom,” he said.  “Because we remained so disciplined in our system, we had the freedom to make good choices and create lots of scoring opportunities.”

Think about how discipline is freedom in many other settings.

If you have the discipline to regularly eat healthy and routinely work out, you have the freedom to indulge on a treat without guilt.

If you have the discipline to write your week of blogs in advance, you have the freedom to go to a basketball game without worrying about how you are going to fit in an entry.

If you have the discipline to save on a continual basis, you have the freedom to make choices about where you live and work.

If you have the discipline to analyze your data, even when you are ahead, you have the freedom to experiment and learn new things.

Discipline is freedom in so many ways.  In what one area do you need to increase your discipline to provide you with more opportunities in the future?

— beth triplett

Quote by Dan Mathews in article Men’s volleyball squad takes pair at Park Tournament by Tyler Oehmen posted online January 18, 2014.

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