Whether or not you have seen Despicable Me, you likely know of the Minions — the cute little characters that are really the star of the show.

A genius at Hostess saw the world through new eyes and recognized that the Twinkies looked amazingly similar to the Minons.  Thus, the “Twinkie Makeover” was born and just through new packaging (no alteration to the Twinkie itself), a whole new marketing campaign blossomed.  What a great way to capitalize on the latest trend for reasonably little cost.

Is there something in your organization that could be altered to make it more contemporary or appealing?  Can you link something you do to a current social cause or trend?  You don’t need a wholesale overhaul of your product, just a more intentional way to package it or position it linked to something of current interest.  Look around and see what opportunities are out there for you.

— beth triplett

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