Think about yourself or your institution and how you operate.

Are you like a money market: slow and steady growth, with little risk and little return.

Or are you like a blue chip stock: relying more on your reputation than on your current performance.

Or perhaps you are more of a high risk stock:  taking big gambles, but having high return.

Two thoughts about this:
1) It helps to have your personal comfort level aligned with that of your organization.  If you’re not comfortable taking big risks in your own life, it will likely make you nervous if you work at a place that rolls the dice could risk losing it all.

2) If you work in a money market type institution, you may be doing well in literal terms — balancing the budget, making progress, etc. — but with the economy and inflation, it is likely that you are actually falling behind if you are only incrementally growing.

Whatever your path — personal and professional — be intentional about being on it.

— beth triplett

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