Yesterday’s blog entry referenced life skills, including the ability to know who you are.  When we began talking about how a student (person) could develop this attribute, it led to a discussion about being reflective.  It reminded me of a quote from educator Susan Komives: 
The ability to calmly reflect may be one of the most underdeveloped of professional sills.  Reflection helps us work smarter; reflection helps bring our values into our actions; reflection brings our private self into our professional self; reflection helps us gain perspective on our priorities.

I don’t think we spend nearly enough time to ponder about what we have learned from our life experiences.  We evaluate our projects at work or the return rate of our portfolios, but it is rare when we try to take stock of ourselves.

Instead, try to carve out some time to hit pause on the day-to-day of life in order to reflect about who you are and what you’re up to.  Start a blog (it forces you to see events differently and consider what they mean for you). Use the employee evaluation process as an opportunity to reflect on what you have learned and where you need to grow, not just assessing the work that you have done. Grab a cozy blanket and cup of tea and curl up in a chair to ponder the question for awhile. 

It’s good to look back every once and awhile and see how much smarter you have become!

— beth triplett

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