It’s only due to tradition that kids will say “trick or treat” at your door tonight; what they really mean is “I’m here for my treat”.  The distribution of treats is nearly 100% guaranteed from every home that has their light on.

Don’t you wish that your service was as reliable?  That every time a customer came to your door, they were guaranteed to receive a “treat” instead of a “trick”, and that you could throw in the equivalent of a full-sized bar to really get a “wow” response. 

What can you do to make your customer experience as fool-proof as the children will experience tonight?  Use Halloween as your image — even though your customers are everything from princesses to pirates, you greet them all with smiles and treats.  You wouldn’t think of giving that witch a growl and a prune — even though she is asking for something for free.

Every time your customers initiate a transaction, they are essentially saying “trick or treat”.  Take steps to ensure that what lands in their bag is as reliable as you will be tonight.

— beth triplett

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