For the past several months, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a dedicated core committee trying to pass a school bond referendum. It’s an all-volunteer group, all with full-time jobs and most with young children. Yet, every time anyone makes a request or needs something done, someone replies with: “I’m on it!”

I’ve been struck by the positivity of the phrasing that I have heard over and over again throughout this campaign. It conveys much more willingness than a mere “ok,” and also communicates a sense of relief that the action will be done, not just acknowledged.

A simple change in language can make such a difference. People make fun of Chick-fil-A’s pervasive “My pleasure,” but it stands out amidst all the generic “no problems.” Walgreens often ends transactions with “Be Well,” again, rising above the “thank you” clutter.

Previously, I have not paid attention to those throwaway, rote phrases but now that I’m aware of their impact, I’m on it.

I’m on it for voting YES as well. If you live in the Dubuque School District, I hope you’ll do the same!

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