I just spent two days with 25 leaders as they grappled with how to restructure a component of their organization.

We started with the conceptual aspects of the issue and there was full agreement on what we were trying to accomplish. With each level of specificity, more questions and varied opinions came into play. By the time we arrived at the most granular decisions, it took the whole group a considerable amount of time to reach a consensus.

A smaller team may have arrived at the same conclusion on their own but would have faced resistance from others who were not involved. Having so many leaders participate will pay future dividends as they are able to understand the rationale behind the decision and feel invested in the implementation they helped create.

It may be challenging for you to have an expansive team commit substantial time to work on a complex issue, but achieving both a solution and the buy-in to actually implement it may be your best path to creating real change.

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