At the turn of the Twentieth Century, Chicago was struggling to claim its place on the national scene. Lucky for them, the city leaders had the foresight to craft a vision for the city’s future that included specifics, not just the dream of being magnificent.

Mayor Big Bill Thompson ran on a platform that promoted the Chicago Plan. “Let’s do something that is good, big, and enduring,” he said. I love that description as a mantra for life.

As part of the Chicago Plan, 25 of 29 lakefront miles were preserved for public use. The commitment transformed the city and made it much more attractive and liveable for generations. Good, big, and enduring.

What are you up to today? Instead of getting mired in the small details and routine, pause to consider what you can contribute that will make a lasting difference — to yourself, your family, your organization, your community, or your world. Good, big, and enduring are fine words to live by.

Quote from City of Scoundrels by Gary Krist

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