Of course, Marquette University basketball coach Shaka Smart tracks offensive and defensive statistics — but he gives extra attention to tracking the EGBs of his team. EGBs — or energy generating behavior –are the difference-makers for Smart who sees these actions as the key to creating the energy required to win.

Smart urges his team to generate 3,000 EGBs per game. He found that level of energy ignites the offense and defense and makes Marquette more powerful on the court.

EGBs in the basketball sense could be high-fives, chest bumps, or deflecting the ball. In an office setting, EGBs could be a nod of appreciation to a co-worker, a smile to someone in the hallway, or a word of encouragement to a colleague. EGBs at home might look like a Post-it note on a mirror, giving thanks for a delicious meal, or an “I’m glad you’re home” when someone walks in.

Experiment by tracking the EGBs you generate in a day. You have the power to generate energy for everyone around you by adding more EGBs to your actions. Very small steps can go a long way toward being that catalyst.

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